/// Who we are

Meet the minds behind Yuzual: Amin Helal, Benjamin van der Giezen, and Amir Omarzai. Collectively, we boast an impressive wealth of over thirty-five years within the dynamic realm of hospitality. Our experience isn’t just limited to the nuts and bolts; our collective knowledge encompasses both the technical and the managerial facets of the industry. In our journey, we’ve not only evolved as professionals but as individuals too. And amidst this evolution, we’ve keenly observed the unfolding of the hospitality landscape.

Time and again, we’ve witnessed promising concepts that fell short on creativity, and we’ve seen the industry fall into the trap of repetition. At this point we realized our shared passion for our craft and a shared recognition of recurring “mistakes.”

/// Our expertise

Harnessing this collective expertise and perceptive insight, we’ve developed a crystal-clear vision for thriving entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry. With fierce competition and financial stakes at play in every venture, we’ve come to understand the industry inside out. As the hospitality landscape has evolved over the years, we’ve been steadfast in our pursuit of genuine innovation, aiming to reshape the landscape with diverse and truly authentic concepts.


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