/// Yuzu’s Basement

Did someone say ultimate party spot? Head down the stairs and enter our secret, underground hide-out. The perfect place to forget what’s happening above ground, and go all out!

First, let’s go back in time for a bit. From somewhere in the ’60s to the late ’80s, the place we now call Yuzu was one of the first, if not the first, gay bars in Amsterdam: the Incognito Bar. A spot where many celebs gathered and where it was okay to be openly gay – a thing you kinda kept to yourselves in those days. So, to leave your troubles behind and let loose for a little while, the Incognito Bar was your go-to venue. Big enough not to bump into neighbors, intimate enough to feel safe and sound.

During our basement renovation, builders found some things in the walls that had been waiting for daylight for over 30 years. Talking about intimate… Anyway, a part of history worth sharing. We preserved the goodies, gave it the stage it – finally – deserved, and showcased the lot in our toilets downstairs. Come see for yourself.

But, great story aside, our basement is much more than that. We kept the privacy and intimacy Incognito Bar offered to its guests in mind and created a secluded space for events such as private dining, business affairs, private parties, and numerous more types of gatherings. Whatever you have in mind, we cater to the occasion.

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/// Yuzu by Night

After some legendary nights in the Hague, the illustrious concept ‘Yuzu by night’ found a new life here: an intimate club night dedicated to great food and quality music. What to expect? Start off with your favorite dishes combined with the best drinks and DJ’s. On every last Friday of the month, we invite you to come party with us. The typical Yuzu experience with our most well-known dishes, the finest cocktails and a party with the best tunes. Curious to see what’s happening next month? Check out our calendar, mark yours, and secure your spot!

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Now you know Yuzu Dining Bar is an amazing space for parties and events, besides being an excellent place for food and drinks. Obviously.
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